The Significance of jokes in our life’s and 10 jokes to brighten your day

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Jokes make us laugh and impacts the body in positive sense. A human body whom laughs and cracks up the ribs gains more strenght to fight diseases because of boosting of its human immune system by jokes which strenghtens its antibodies. When we start to laugh, it not only just lighten our body but also induces many physical changes in our body. Laughing impacts blood circulation and help with heart and other cardiovascular problems. Jokes stimulates most of the organs of the body. It increases endrophins, released by brain and endrophins help in reducing pain.

The first thing that happens when you tell a joke about your problems is that the problems seem much less significant to your subconscious mind. After all your subconscious mind thinks that if you are laughing about something then it might not be that important.

Examples of nigerian jokes to enlighten your day..

  1. Women will always tell you that men can cheat and tell lies, but they seem to forgeting that “What a man can do, a woman can do better”… Guys are you with me??
  2. My friend forgot his apple laptop on the floor in my room. My grandma thought it was a scale. CONCLUSION: My grandma now weighs 250,500naira
  3. She told me she was coming to my place by 9pm, But she came by 7 pm & caught me with another woman…How can I forgive her for lying to me??
  4. Last night I had a dream and I was kissing my neighbour’s daughter but this morning she saw me and pretended like nothing happened Girls can pretend ooh
  5. Some people will come to the ATM, see others on queue and still ask “is it paying”? No, we came to vote for Buhari Again.. Please shift joor
  6. How do u identify a true music lover? A man when he hears a woman singing in the bathroom and puts his ear to the keyhole instead of his eye
  7. Yesterday on my way back from work ??? i saw a group of people ??? surrounding a bus conductor ? and they were saying give me change ? so i joined them ??? . I collected #100 ??? suddenly offering money don set…….?
  8. A real woman is da one who stays up all night to kill mosquitoes while you sleep. Choose your wife carefully guyz???
  9. Nowadays, boys don’t do hit and run again. They will hit, hit, hit, hit and hit again. My Sister, you’ll run away yourself.???
  10. Its only in Nigeria you will tell someone how you suffered while growing up and they reply”you no suffer reach me”as if suffering is a competition…nawa ooh.

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