See Institutions to apply to easily get admitted to study medicine and surgery

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Jamb has just recently concluded its annual entrance examinations into the university. congratulations to All jamb candidates to have passed the just recent jamb examinations. And to candidates that failed, Do not be overly concerned for i have a list of institutions you can easily get admitted to study medicine and surgery.The

University of Maiduguri

The federal higher institution located in Maiduguri, the capital city of Borno State in northeast Nigeria. The university was created by the federal government of Nigeria in 1975, with the intention of its becoming one of the country’s principal higher-education institutions.

The university is no doubt one the best in northern Nigeria, and also one of the best in the country. Recently the university has suffered and upset in its academic activities and also its academic calendar due to insurgency in the state. The university has recorded few jamb applications to study medicine and jambited can use the opportunity to get admission into the course of their dream

Private universities

Private universities are universities not operated by governments, although many receive tax breaks, public student loans, and grants. Depending on their location, private universities may be subject to government regulation.

Candidates with low jamb scores and wishes to easily get admitted into medicine and surgery should apply private universities, private universities in Nigeria do not consider jamb and therefore are the best choice in terms of getting admission into medicine and surgery.

University of Ibadan

The University of Ibadan is the oldest degree awarding institution in Nigeria, and is located five miles from the center of the major city of Ibadan in Western Nigeria. what you do not know is university of Ibadan a candidate with 200 in JAMB-UTME can study medicine and any Medical science courses in the university. And catchment areas are not also considered.

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