Reasons why zlatan’s song the matter is trending

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Omoniyi Temidayo Raphael, known professionally as Zlatan, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and dancer. In 2014, he won the Airtel-sponsored One Mic talent show held in Abeokuta, Ogun State. Towards the end of 2018, Zlatan released a single titled “Zanku”, with a new dance routine of the same name.

Zlatan is known for flooding the music space with high quality cruise songs which trend all over, his songs are local and always revolves around the nigerian culture, songs like zanku, yeye boyfriend, am i a yahoo boy. Zlatan is the only artist who steadily ball in Trending topics, Picking some lines from yesterday tweets and composing them into hit track is amusing and we love to see it.

Recently zlatan released a new song which is currently trending, the matter. Starting from yesterday on every Nigerian social platform, everyone has been trying their best to settle a particular matter, with the slang ‘na the matter we dey settle since‘.

see some examples of nigerian tweets on solve the matter song

  1. My mum likes hiding money in the Bible, now the Israelites took it and she is suspecting me.. 
  2. This woman saved the number of the guy who use to supply them honey as”HONEY” as e dey hot, the husband was with her phone and this guy send a message saying”What you will get today will be sweeter than what you got last week”na the matter why we dey still solveBroken heartPerson facepalmingFace with tears of joy.
  3. Side chick carry oga atm card go shopping for madam boutique. Madam is still with the atm card requesting to see d owner. Na for d matter we dey up till now.
  4. Zlatan give girl belle, the baby resemble Poco Lee
  5. You paid 15k and collected receipt of 50k. Police is now involved

The reason why this song is trending is because its very funny, in this lock down people are bored and i think zlatan has found a way of uplifting Nigerians spirit. drop you solve the matter joke here.

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