Best jokes to keep you merry in this lock down period

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I just taught and imagined the situation of humans in this lockdown.

we definitely will be bored and filled with boredom, so i have written 10 jokes to keep us smilling and entertained in this lock down.

here are are 8 jokes to brighten up your day

  1. My mum wants to do a surprise cake for me and am the one mixing the flour…African mum why???
  2. You said you haven’t seen your true love. How will you see when you are using Free mode
  3. baby monkey asked his mother “mum, why are we so ugly? The mother replied “don’t stress my son, u should see the one reading this”
  4. The bible says the hairs on our head are numbered but some of u cut everything leaving God wit nothing to number. Remember on the last day books wud b opened b4 the book of lyf. Who knows if those books contain the numberings of our hair. Jst saying sha.
  5. You have sex with him because of Chemistry, when Biology happens, hope he has Financial Accounting to take care of your Home Economics???
  6. If you are staying at home and you have money then you are clearly in ISOLATION. But if you’re staying at home broke then you are in QUARANTINE. And if you’re staying at home broke and with a troublesome wife, then you are in total LOCKDOWN
  7. African parents are so bored this Quarantine, they’re manufacturing new chores.What am I washing the fence for ??
  8. I have decided to stop cheating and just focus on my three girlfriends.

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